How To Make your Kajal Smudge-Proof & Long Lasting | Kajal Tips & Tricks for Beginners | Foxy Makeup

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Here is a new video where you will learn a simple diy from Leena of How to make your Kajal Smudge Proof and Long Lasting. This is a simple Kajal Tips and Tricks for beginners from Foxy Makeup.
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  1. Kritika Bhogal says:

    Such a cutie 😍 love her smile

  2. rajrani singh says:

    this is a matte eye-shadow or glittering

  3. christy parmar says:


  4. Triparna Bhattacharya says:

    Your videos are as sweet and helpful just the way you are

  5. Natura Beauty says:

    Can I have 10 likes coz tomorrow is my birthday!

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