Makeup Tutorial for Work/School + Tips for All Day Wear (FULL FACE)

I hope you guys like this!

Tutorial starts at 1:13

And please excuse my son with all that screaming lol


  1. Blaque Pearlz Place says:

    I love the simplicity of this look!

  2. Sandra Kumi says:


  3. Kenny Olapade says:

    So beautiful dear 😍😍😍😍 My favourite part of applying makeup is foundation. I think I can hear your son scream in the background. Somtin my baby does everytime I film 😂😂

    • Amy Lozy says:

      Kenny Olapade lmao! I was watching it while editing and laughing at myself for how savage I was, filming away unbothered while he was screaming 😂😂😂. You definitely get used to their antics. I wasn’t bothered cos he was with hubby and I know my child. Screamer!

  4. Chinaija says:

    Really cute. I’m slowly transitioning into wearing makeup more regularly and this is helpful. Looks super quick and easy once you get the routine down!

  5. L0veable_key L0veable_key says:

    Looks good what type of foundation? Did you use?

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